Stop worrying when you're getting your next qualified sales call




We’ll create a custom done-for-you, A to Z client acquisition system so you don't have to micromanage your sales pipeline, deal with underperforming $3/hr VAs or lose time and money hiring amateur lead gen agencies.

We've worked with


Founder of SecondHype

I was able to get a fully built email system that was allowing me to book 3 meetings a week with extremely high-quality prospects

You’re not dealing with another amateur lead gen agency

We always deliver on our promises

We don’t promise you outlandish results that are impossible to deliver. We book you hand picked, pre-nurtured meetings with clients that are ready to buy from you.

We use real strategies and battle-tested systems

We don’t simply brute-force, mass spam emails that annoy leads and ruins brand reputation. We take a deep dive into your business and your ICP while delicately testing multiple scripts.

We don’t have piss-poor reporting with zero KPIs

We prioritize timely and fast communication. You will never be in the dark about anything happening. We won’t leave you clueless as to whether you’ve made a good investment or not.

If you’re not growing, you’re dying

Your current clients will eventually churn, and you don’t have a plan to replace them

Your business will see zero growth and you’ll be stuck running your agency 24/7 without turning a profit

You won’t be able to keep up with costs as you’re not increasing you’re client base

Do you still want to struggle to sign even a single client this month?

Predictably add 1 to 3 high-ticket clients to your agency every month

Imagine you had a consistent flow of interested prospects that never miss a meeting and are eager to work with you.

Our client acquisition system reliably brings in high-quality, pre-nurtured leads on demand. You will have a thriving sales pipeline with prospects to immediately call upon whenever you’re in need of clients. You’ll never be uncertain about where your next client will come from or when they’ll come.


Founder of Second Hype

Lukas and Sunny have been the best to work with when it comes to lead gen for our TikTok Marketing Agency. At first, we were skeptical on what he could do but once they started explaining the process, we felt confident enough to give them a shot. Its been 2 months and we have 5-6 calls booked a week. We
couldn't be happier with our busy schedules


Co-Founder of Digital Force Marketing

We didn't have a good sales funnel before and he actually even helped us to get a better sales funnel and it's made a night and day difference.


Founder of a TikTok Marketing Agency

His communication is top, and also the results are crazy. We have always gotten weekly calls. Even on a bad week, we're still booked.

Your custom done-for-you client acquisition system

We build a full cold email system to send 20,000 targeted and personalized emails a month. Pair that with a comprehensive automated CRM to make sure zero leads slip through the cracks. We even call up every interested prospect on the phone to cut in front of the line of agencies pitching their offers to your ideal client.

Cold Email System

We build a full cold email system to send 20,000 target and personalized emails a month leveraging both quality and quantity.

Warm Calling System

We call every interested prospect up on the phone to cut in front of the line of people trying to get their offer in front of your prospects.

Sales Pipeline Creation

We build you a CRM system to make sure that no leads slip through the cracks and every lead is followed up until a yes or no.

How our client acquisition system helps you predictably add $50,000+ to your MRR

We only deliver pre-nurtured leads to make sure they have the highest-possible chance to convert into clients. We focus on nurturing as many interested leads as possible for you to be able to hand pick the ones that will bring you the most revenue.

How can we do this?

Instead of competing with the 1000s of emails in our prospects’ inboxes, we simply call them up on the phone to cut in front of the line of agencies trying to get their offer in front them.

This allows us to move leads through the sales pipeline as quickly as possible. This means we are able to take a cold lead, nurture them to a warm lead and bring them onto a call with you, ready to buy, as quickly as possible.

You save time by only taking high-quality, pre-nurtured calls that predictably convert into new clients on a monthly basis.

So you don’t have to worry about wasting time taking 50 calls with prospects who don’t even know what you do, rarely show up and never end up buying from you.

We heavily focus on sound strategy and processes unlike other agencies. We do in-depth research to write scripts that resonate with your target audience and find good positioning for your emails.

Our cold email strategies cuts straight through the noise and outperforms the hundreds of other emails in your ideal client’s inbox.

You’re a good fit for us if:

You have a strong understanding of your ICP

You have gotten your clients real results

You are making at least $10,000 a month

You value trust and are a team player

You’re a bad fit for us if:

You are a micromanager

You are working with zero clients

You are just starting out as a beginner

You don’t have basic competence in sales

We’ve only had a single refund. But we still doubled their investment in 34 days

"Every week we get about one or two clients."

Nick, Founder of Digital Force Marketing

"We've always got weekly calls"

Sam, Founder of a TikTok Marketing Agency

We only book you meetings that turn into clients.

You might wonder why we only send you high-quality meetings instead of just booking 50 leads off the streets that other lead generation agencies do.

This is because we believe in quality over quantity when it comes to sales calls.

Instead of promising 50 meetings a month, we focus on booking in high-quality, pre-nurtured prospects so you can predictably sign new clients each month.

You'll experience:

Saving the time spent on taking 40 - 50 no-show calls

Confidence in the fact you will have a predictable flow of leads are easy to close

Certainty that your prospects will show up to your mettings

How we setup the Agency Evolution Systems in your agency for success

We audit your current client acquistion

When we onboard you, we will look into your current acquisition systems to understand what's been working and where we need to optimize things.

Then we build your email systems and CRM

Once the audit is done, we start building out your cold email and CRM system, it's important that this is done fast, so the inboxes can start warming up and we can start sending emails ASAP and so that we don't land in spam.

Next we develop the strategy behind your campaigns

As we wait for the inboxes to warm up we consult with you and your team to lay a perfect strategy for our campaigns to get the best possible results 

Finally, we put the pieces together and launch

Now that we have everything we need we simply put the pieces together and launch your campaigns and start testing. 

Sit back and enjoy consistent calls every week

As we keep testing and iterating the campaigns you can focus on delivering services for your clients and taking pre-nurtured sales calls with high-quality prospects every single week. 

Let us build you a client acquisition system that brings in qualified leads on demand

Book your free, no obligation 30-minute discovery call to see if we’re the right fit for each other.